Exploring Columbus: The Best Damn Brunch In the Land – Bleu & Fig

Exploring Columbus: The Best Damn Brunch In the Land – Bleu & Fig

I’m so excited to share my favorite Columbus brunch with you! But before I do, let me back up.

I recently joined the community at CbusFoodBloggers. And one of the first questions they asked me was what types of food related things would I love to see more of in Columbus. Without hesitation, I answered “chef-inspired pop ups!”

If you’re not familiar with this concept, here’s my attempt at explaining it: A “chef-inspired pop up” is when a chef takes over a space – a food truck, an abandoned warehouse, or an event facility – and turns it into a restaurant for a few glorious hours.

One of my favorite Chicago chefs, Stephanie Izard, even hosts private pop-up dinners in her home! Amazing right? Here’s what’s so magical about these pop ups: Chefs, by nature, are creatives. And creatives get hella bored making the same old thing every night at their restaurant or catering facility. But with a pop up – there’s no set menu. No expectation. Just a world of ingredients and raving fans lined up to sample the creations. Doesn’t that sound heavenly?

Well, Columbus friends, we’re in luck. Bleu & Fig is a fabulous full-service catering and design company located in Clintonville. And Chef Brooke is just one of the most talented and sweetest people I’ve ever met. And every once in a “bleu” moon – she hosts a phenomenal pop up brunch at her event facility. What I love about this is that there’s no set schedule. Since I never know when the next one is going to pop up – it keeps me excited about my next chance to sample whatever she comes up with!

There’s no formal way of knowing when these brunches will be – but if you join their Facebook page, they will post when they have available tickets.

The brunch is a steal at $25 per person. Unlike most other brunches in the city, this all-inclusive price covers non-alcoholic beverages as well. And the best part? You’re welcome to bring in your own champagne or vodka. Bleu & Fig provides all the garnishes and mixers you need to make mimosas or Bloody Mary’s.


Bloody Mary set up – including all the garnishes AND super adorable teeny tiny hot sauce bottles.


How cute is this coffee and tea set up? I love how beautifully everything is presented!


Non-alcoholic drinks – orange juice for mimosas, a sparkling option and AMAZING Vietnamese iced coffee. It’s all I drank. So.Damn.Good.


Now I’m going to apologize in advance – I should probably have taken more food pictures so you could appreciate just how much there was on offer. In my defense, the food was so good that I couldn’t be bothered to stop shoving my face long enough to take more images.


This was my husband’s favorite – pulled pork stuffed phyllo. I think he ate half the platter. Sorry, Chef!


The spread. Pictured – delicious yogurt parfait, avocado & crab salad served with Shagbark chips, DELICIOUS charcuterie & cheese, creme brรปlรฉe French toast. Not pictured, fruit salad, pasta, baked goods, roasted Brussel sprouts, orzo salad, granola, amazing chai spice cookies, lemon cookies, the world’s best candied bacon and probably like 10 other things I’m forgetting.


Yummy yummy beer bread with preserves


Please forgive my terrible camera skills. My image does not do this glorious candied bacon justice. Close your eyes and picture thick cut, glazed, melt-in-your-mouth bacon instead.


I also really loved the decor. Even the BATHROOM is darling. Is it weird that I’m showing you a picture of the wall in the bathroom? Probably, but I don’t care. It’s my blog, and if I want to show you how adorable this flower wall is in the bathroom then I will. #PowerToThePress

Super duper cute.


I also loved this sign:


We had such a great time at brunch and can’t wait for the next one. If you’re not familiar with the fun of a chef inspired pop up – you should totally give brunch at Bleu & Fig a try.

While we were eating, my husband and I were racking our brain trying to come up with an event that we could host JUST so we could have them cater. I couldn’t come up with anything sadly, but hey, if 48 of our friends want to join in, then maybe we can rent the whole place ourselves and host our VERY OWN brunch. Who’s with me?

I’m not sure when the next brunch is going to pop up – but I can’t wait to see you there!



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