Exploring Columbus: Tandoori Express

Exploring Columbus: Tandoori Express

We were pretty excited to try the new Tandoori Express location that just opened up near Polaris, on Sancus Blvd. I am a big fan of the Tandoori Grill on Bethel, and couldn’t wait for the “Express” version closer to home. We’d been anxious for this location to open up, and as we were driving by one evening, we saw the signs lit up and immediately decided to pull in!

This location has a somewhat limited menu compared to the original location, but we were delighted to see all our favorites were being offered! This is an Indian-Pakinstani restaurant, and they have delicious kebabs and curries.

The dining room is casual and low-key, and the restaurant is set up as counter service.

The set up reminded me of a mall food court – one of those asian or “bourbon chicken” spots where you decide on how many options you’d like and then it comes with standard sides.

In that vein – meals are served “thali” (platter) style and you get to choose from one, two, or three entrees. Each platter comes with salad, raita, rice, and naan!

Selecting 3 options is only $1 more than selecting 2 options, so it was kind of a no brainer for me. Also on the menu were appetizers, and some “specialties” like biriyani or goat chops that took a bit longer to cook. We just went with the platter.


I was surprised to see butter chicken AND chicken tikka masala on the menu as I always kind of thought they were different names for the same dish. It seems most places offer one or the other. Do you know the difference?!?

So obviously, I got both to test it out. And some of their kebabs because they are SO good!

We went through the line and pointed out what we’d like and the servers filled up our platter.

I thought the portions were generous and the food was flavorful. My family is thrilled to have this spot open closer to home and I know we’ll be back soon.

As far as the butter chicken vs the chicken tikka masala – I thought they tasted exactly the same, but my husband thought the tikka masala was a bit spicier. So there you have it, folks.

Try them both and let me know who you agree with!


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6 thoughts on “Exploring Columbus: Tandoori Express”

    • Hmm…well, I guess Indian food differs VASTLY as the nation is HUGE….lol. What don’t you like about it currently? Too spicy? Too rich? Pakistani/North Indian style – like Tandoori Express tends to be fairly rich (lots of butter/cream sauces) and meat-heavy. There is also a fair amount of spice, so if those are things that you’re not feeling, you might be better off trying South Indian food. If you like burritos – I’d recommend trying the “indian” version – called a Dosa. The outside is very thin and crispy and can be stuffed with mildly spiced veggies. It also comes with 4-5 sauces that run the gamut from sweet, to spicy, to nutty, to hot&sour. Another option, if you are a fan of Chinese food, would be to try Indo-chinese….a restaurant like Tadka in Worthington has lots of Indo-chinese.

      But if you love Naan – no reason that can’t be the meal! When we visit India, one of my hubby’s favorite meal is stuffed naan. You find it all over stuffed with everything from aromatics to cheese to ground meat to vegetables 🙂

  • Oooh! Have I been under a rock? I had no clue this place existed (not at Polaris or Bethel). I love Indian food so I know I’ll love it when I try it soon. THANK YOU for sharing!! 🙂

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