Exploring Columbus: Westerville Grill

Exploring Columbus: Westerville Grill

We recently went to brunch at the Westerville Grill. This cute diner sits on State Street, right next Otterbein’s campus. The diner is fairly small, but it also has an outdoor patio area. We stopped in at 9:30 on Saturday and were able to get a table right away. It looked like the rush came in shortly after us, because by 10am, all the tables were full.

When we walked in, we immediately loved the retro feel of the place.

The diner was decorated with vintage photographs and retro artwork. My favorite images were of the photographs of Westerville back in the day!


As we watched the diner fill up, about half of the new guests had on Otterbein shirts. You could tell this place was VERY popular with the nearby college students. Judging from the reasonable prices and HUGE portions, it’s easy to see why. The portions were so big, in fact, that my husband couldn’t even finish his breakfast. Usually, he finishes his meal and then helps me and the little one finish ours.

For less than $10, my omelette fed me for 3 breakfasts. No joke!

Westerville Grill – The Experience

Service was friendly and they happily kept our coffee filled. We liked the laid-back vibe of the place.

Here’s the thing about brunches – sometimes – I’m all about getting dressed up and putting on something cute to meet friends and sip mimosas. There’s a time and a place for that. And then – the super lazy brunches. The ones where you just sort of roll out of bed, pull on your comfy yoga pants, pull your hair up in a pony tail, and sit around with your four year old eating bacon with your fingers. No “fancy-fication” needed or expected. The brunch at Westerville Grill is this kind of brunch. No pretensions. Just good food at a good price.

Westerville Grill – The Food

I love when I see local businesses supporting other local businesses. It makes my heart so happy! Like when Delaney’s Diner featured CaJohns hot sauce? Yeah, I love that.

So it was so awesome to see that Westerville Grill featured pies from Just Pies! Yum! We’ll have to come back at dinner to sample a slice. I also LOVED that they served donuts from Schneiders Bakery across the street! In fact, I couldn’t resist ordering one as an appetizer. On Saturdays, donuts TOTALLY count as an appetizer. (Ok, so we split it 3 ways…)

Notice the big smear across the top? Yeah, the 4 year old couldn’t wait for me to take a picture and sampled the chocolate right across the top.


For our meals, the little one got pancakes and bacon. Her pancakes came out in the shape of Mickey ears! She loved that!

I got the Spanish omelette. You have the option to add chorizo, which I did, and it was really good. Also, as previously mentioned, the portions are MASSIVE. I boxed up my leftovers and ate the remains of my Spanish omelette for two MORE days. Under $10, it was a steal! Also, I usually avoid ordering biscuits when we eat out because I’m picky and they are never as flaky as I want, but the menu said they made their biscuits in house, and I was curious. I’m so glad I got one because they were pillowy soft and so decadent!

pillowy soft biscuit!

My husband got the Corned Beef Hash and Eggs. Corned beef is totally not my thing, but I took a bite of his and surprisingly, I liked it. Also surprisingly, my husband had leftovers. This seriously NEVER happens and I hope you’ve gotten the point by now – PORTIONS AT WESTERVILLE GRILL ARE MASSIVE!!!

So, to recap, come to the Westerville Grill for brunch on a day that you are all about rolling out of bed, pulling on some comfy clothes, and relaxing over a hearty, affordable breakfast. It’s no surprise to me that it’s so popular with the Otterbein students!

Have you been to Westerville Grill? 


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