My Favorite Travel Books for Kids

My Favorite Travel Books for Kids

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I have a soft spot for well-written children’s books. Add to that my family’s love of travel, and suffice it to say we have quite the collection of travel books for kids. My favorite time of day is when we settle in for story time. At our house, we read three story books before bed every night. Each of us gets to pick one book to read aloud, and we try to head to the library weekly so we have lots of new things to read, along with our family favorites.

If you are planning a trip with your little one, reading some of these books will help get everyone excited and looking forward to all the fun. Even if you’re not planning a trip, reading these books can help your little one learn all about this big beautiful world!


Here’s a list of my favorite travel books for kids:

Our little one has a favorite city, and it‘s New York! The Big Apple is chock full of fun for little ones. Feeding ducks in Central Park. Riding on busses, trains, and taxicabs! Eating noodles in Chinatown. Seeing the Statue of Liberty! So much to see, do and eat. Here are our favorite New York travel books for kids.

New York: A Book of Colors, by Ashley Evanston

This sweet books teaches your little one colors as it takes you on a fun tour of NYC’s landmarks. It’s a board book and perfect for the littlest ones.



New York, Baby!, by Ward Jenkins

This delightful book shares the story of two babies visiting New York city. Follow along on their adventure as they see the sites, sample the local food, and learn about the culture. Babies will love the beautiful artwork and the fun rhymes throughout!

We also took our little one to Italy! If you keep an eye out, you can find great deals on flights to Milan! We found flights for LESS than $400 ROUNDTRIP and ended up having the trip of a lifetime. Our little one was 3 at the time and it ended up being SUCH a memorable trip. Here are some fun books to get the littles excited about travel in general.

Living in Italy, by Chloe Perkins

This book is filled with fun facts about living in Italy. You’ll learn about the food, the ancient ruins and sites to visit, geography, and cultural tidbits. This one will definitely get you excited for a trip abroad.


Journey, by Aaron Becker

Follow along as a little girl takes a red crayon and draws herself into an amazing adventure! What I love most about this book is that it doesn’t have any words but draws you in with its beautiful illustrations. Plus, the story is a bit different every time you read it.



A Day at the Airport, by Richard Scarry

Another family favorite! This is a fun book to learn about new words and also follows a cute storyline. Great book to take along when you’re headed to the airport. Plus, it includes a whole page of STICKERS!


My First Airplane Ride, by Patricia Hubbell

This fun book takes your little one through all the adventures of a first plane ride – packing for the trip, heading to the airport, going through security and then meeting Grandma at the airport! This book is the perfect way to familiarize your little one before heading on a trip.


I hope you enjoyed some of my favorite travel books for kids! These books are so much fun to read in anticipation of taking that first big trip or to give as gifts!

I hope you have fun exploring the world with your little one. Do you have any family favorites to add to this list?


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