Inspiration for 2018 – From Local Columbus Bloggers

Inspiration for 2018 – From Local Columbus Bloggers

I’ve always loved this time of year. While the holidays are always chaotic, crazy, and filled with family and friends, the end of the year is always a bit more reflective. And I love taking some time to reflect about the year past while dreaming and setting intentions for the year ahead.

This year, as I’ve reflected, I’ve realized that I need to be more intentional with life. And so I’m starting 2018 with a personal project. It’s a small action that can have a BIG impact on your life. You can find my inspiration and the details of this project in this post: What death teaches about life, aka my 2018 personal project.

For more inspiration for the year ahead, check out these articles from some of my local blogger friends. You’ll find topics on ideas as varied as goal-setting, a money-saving idea, and lot of simple ways to stick to your health and fitness goals this year. Enjoy!

Liz shares her guide, Essential Oils 101 with us. You’ll learn about different oils, how to use them, and what mixes are good for specific uses. This guide is perfect timing for me, as I’ve been wanted to learn more about essential oils after experiencing them in my weekly “date-night” yoga class!

Eryn writes about the importance of vision boards and shares her guide on how to make them and why they work.

I’ve created a personal vision board every year for the past 5 years or so. In fact, our office makes them together each January!

Mary shares her 365 day savings challenge with us. She writes about a simple way to save some cash this year. Everyone can save a bit more money, right?

Shannon gives us a powerful reminder of the importance of “wherever you are, be fully there.” This is often easier said than done (at least for me) but seems like a great intention for 2018!

I love this beautifully written post from Kim on 10 things she’s learned in her struggle with weight loss. 

There are so many things that she wrote about that I also identify with. It’s a great reminder that we are never alone in our struggles.

If being healthy is an intention of yours in 2018, you’ll also love Kathleen’s post on how to build your own workout in 6 easy steps. 

She really DOES make fitness simple! I felt like this article was written JUST for me – I’m looking forward to incorporating more fitness into my life, but don’t always know how to start. This is a great guide to help you if you are in the same boat!

And Lindsay shares her thoughts on rethinking healthy. When I read the title of her blog post, “It’s time to rethink “healthy” – sit down with some ice cream and read this” – I knew it was going to be my kind of article. I make no mystery of the fact that I really enjoy delicious food. But there is also a certain guilt that is the usual side dish, am – I -right? If you’re in the same boat, you’ll love her perspective as much as I do!

And finally, Katie writes about how to stay healthy while traveling (without a gym!)

I loved reading this and realized while I do many of the things she talks about – there were a few ideas that were new to me. Since I have lots of travel planned for 2018 (ok, let’s be honest, I have lots of travel planned for EVERY year) this is a great read!

I hope you find some inspiration here for a happy, healthy, intentional 2018! In the words of author Sarah Ban Breathnach:

New Year’s Day. A fresh start. A new chapter in life waiting to be written. New questions to be asked, embraced, and loved. Answers to be discovered and then lived in this transformative year of delight and self-discovery.


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