You Might Suffer From Wanderlust If….

You Might Suffer From Wanderlust If….

Did you know there’s an official wanderlust gene? Crazy, right? While that’s super cool and all, most of us that suffer from wanderlust already know it and we don’t need to get our genes tested. If you’re thinking you might suffer from wanderlust but don’t want to take a blood test to make it all official – read on and see if you have the symptoms.

Here are 7 ways to tell you might suffer from Wanderlust:

  1. You are more proud of the number and variety of stamps in your passport than by your official title, your college degree, or the type of car you drive.
  2. When someone tells you they have no desire to leave the country, you instantly know you’ll never be friends.
  3. You have a really hard time understanding why your family member who has access to clean water, health insurance, a full-time job and a safe place to live has ANYthing left to complain about. Like seriously?
  4. You’ve booked a flight for less than $50. Travel hacking aside, flights within Europe, Asia, South America, etc are DIRT cheap!
  5. You start most of your sentences with “When I was in….”
  6. When someone says they want to travel but can’t afford it, your heart clenches and you want to run through every idea you can think of. “Can you get a part-time job? Can you sell your clothes or your furniture? Can you couch-surf or do a home-stay? Can you teach English abroad, or get a working visa to bartend your way through Europe…..?”
  7. You get frustrated when people equate “vacation” with “travel.” Um, yeah, sure going on a cruise to the Bahamas sounds like a fun vacation but travel it is not.

Do you identify with any of these? I know I do! Do you have anything to add to this list? Anyone else out there suffer from Wanderlust?

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