Exploring Columbus: Sweet Carrot

Exploring Columbus: Sweet Carrot

I’ve been dying to try Sweet Carrot ever since a friend mentioned them.  We recently got to try it out for lunch and I’m SO HAPPY. The food was delicious, quick, and totally affordable. Or as I like to say, the trifecta!

If you’re not familiar with the concept, let me give you a quick breakdown. Sweet Carrot is a family friendly, quick-casual spot. They have a variety of soups, sandwiches, salads, and GREAT craft beer selection with local brews.

The decor is fun and has a sort of industrial vibe to it. Perfect spot to take the little ones!

It’s basically a two step process. You get to pick your base item – sandwich, salad, mac & cheese, or our favorite, a griddled corn cake (FYI – the corn cake is GLUTEN free!)

Then you get to choose a protein. You can pick from brisket, chicken meatballs, pulled pork, smoked turkey or fried artichokes. Then, you have the option of adding on a small scoop of mac & cheese. Once you’ve ordered, you grab a seat and when your food is ready, they bring it out to you.

We placed our order, and then found a table. While we were waiting, we saw a group with Columbus Food Adventures come in. I’ve been meaning to take one of these tours, and it was fun listening to the manager divulge a bit of history about Sweet Carrot.

While we eavesdropped, our little one LOVED the bunny drawing diagram. Such a cute little “teach yourself to draw” picture on the table.

I’ll be honest, usually my husband and I try to get different things so we can try a wider variety, but we were both set on getting the same exact thing.

We got the corn cake, topped with brisket and a scoop of mac and cheese. We also opted to “smother” it with slaw and their house salsa. It was SO GOOD.

Our little one got the same thing, except she wanted to try the pulled pork instead of the brisket. The adult portions are generous and the kids meal was HUGE!

I totally loved my meal at Sweet Carrot, and the experience! Due to the variety in options, I think this is a great place to meet up with friends who might have food allergies or special preferences. It’s also fun and kid friendly!


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